Caudon® Temporary Newt Fencing Polythene approx. 100m (Clear)

Caudon® Temporary Newt Fencing Polythene approx. 100m (Clear)

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Clear Polythene
Pack Size
1000gauge 1000mm x approx. 100m
Price (exc. VAT)
£94.04 exc. VAT
Price (inc. VAT)
£112.85 inc. VAT

Quantity Price (exc. VAT) Price (inc. VAT)
10-19 Items £89.51 £107.41
20-29 Items £84.98 £101.98
30+ Items £80.44 £96.53

Product Description

A fencing system for newts, other amphibians and reptiles. This material is stabilised against ultraviolet (UV) damage for up to 2 years, and when installed correctly provides an economical and durable barrier to movement of herpetafauna. This material is suited for sites where there is a low risk of human disturbance. For correct installation it should be used in conjunction with Wooden Stakes 37mmx37mmx1200mm and Caudon® Washers. Complies with English Nature Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines.
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