Caudon® Badger Gate

Caudon® Badger Gate

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Galvanized Steel Gate
Pack Size
755mmx420mm (total dimensions)
Price (exc. VAT)
£99.00 exc. VAT
Price (inc. VAT)
£118.80 inc. VAT

Quantity Price (exc. VAT) Price (inc. VAT)
10-19 Items £94.05 £112.86
20+ Items £89.10 £106.92

Product Description


A heavy duty steel badger gate designed specifically for long term or repeated use badger access and exclusion purposes. Comes with a lock down bar for badger exclusion.
Our Badger Gates are of an all galvanised steel construction. Badgers are notoriously destructive creatures and have been known to destroy wooden badger gates.

Badger gates can be installed upright by hammering directly into the ground and fixed into a badger proof fence. They can also be installed at an angle over a sett entrance and tied into a surrounding chain-link mesh ground covering as part of a badger sett exclusion program. The pre-drilled holes in the frame of the badger gate allow for the tying into the surrounding wire mesh.

For more information regarding badger gates please click the link below to visit the Legacy Habitat Management Badger Fencing page:
Badger Fencing

Try our new Caudon Badger Gate Light. This is a new design and offers the same badger gate durability but for a reduced price.


Use in conjunction with:
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties to provide an easy and secure method of attaching gate to badger netting using the pre-drilled holes in the gate frame.