ACO Wildlife Stop Grid Channel + Grating - 1000mm

ACO Wildlife Stop Grid Channel + Grating - 1000mm

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700.00 kg
Concrete, Ductile Iron
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Product Description

ACO Amphibian Grid Crossing

Price on application (Please call 0114 261 9478 for details)

The ACO Stop Grid Channel SR400 G + Grating provides a permanent newt or amphibian proof road crossing for road development projects near to amphibian habitat.
Each unit is constructed from a reinforced concrete channel with integral ductile iron edging to give full protection at all edges. The grating consists of a ductile iron grid that is bolted to the channel unit. Its design is such that amphibians find it very difficult to cross and are encouraged to drop through to the channel below.
Used in conjunction with the ACO Guide Wall, any amphibians dropping through to the channel can be guided back to safe amphibian habitat.

Length: 1000mm
Width: 730mm
Height: 600mm
Weight: 700Kg appox. (Inc. grating)

Internal Channel Dimensions
Width: 400mm
Height: 450mm