Anti Bird Netting (20mm) 8mx100m 10Yr Life Span

Anti Bird Netting (20mm) 8mx100m 10Yr Life Span

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Knitted monofilament high density polyethylene
Pack Size
8m x 100m 20mm Aperture
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£0.00 exc. VAT
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Product Description

Anti Bird Net is designed to prevent access to plants, hedgerows, buildings or other structures from nesting birds. Hedgerow removal projects may require installation of bird netting for a period prior to removal to ensure nesting habitat is not destroyed.
This netting is a high quality product made from exceptionally strong high density polyethylene and featuring a unique knitted structure, giving up to 10 years lifespan.
20mm aperture size prevents access of the smallest of birds from taking up nesting.

Price on application (Please call 0114 261 9478 for details)