Caudon® Semi-permanent Snake Fencing On-A-Roll (100m)

Caudon® Semi-permanent Snake Fencing On-A-Roll (100m)

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115.00 kg
Recycled HDPE Plastic
100m x 1mm x 1200mm
Price (exc. VAT)
Ā£266.80 exc. VAT
Price (inc. VAT)
£320.16 inc. VAT

Product Description

A taller specification of our popular Caudon Semi-permanent Newt Fencing On-A-Roll designed specifically for grass snakes or other species where a taller fence is required. The benefits of this product mean that you get a continuous length of material for 100m. This means there are no joins between panels, a common weak point in a reptile/amphibian fence and less material loss due to the overlap between panels.

These rolls are now sold as 100m rolls instead of being sold by weight as previously, providing you with a clear understanding of how much material you are getting. This has affected the roll size slightly and therefore the cost but the price per metre has remained the same.

A heavy duty great crested newt barrier system for grass snakes, other amphibians and reptiles. This material is stabilised against ultraviolet (UV) damage for up to 5 years. The material incorporates a scored groove top and bottom for the creation of an underground fold and a top fold. This material is suited for sites where there is a medium level risk of human disturbance. For correct installation it should be used in conjunction with wooden stakes and CaudonĀ® Washers. The raw material in this product is sourced from post consumer and post manufacturer sources, and as such offers a high degree of environmental sustainability.

This product is normally a non-stock item and may be subject to a lead-time and a minimum order quantity. Please call us to discuss.