Caudon® Semi-Permanent Newt Fence Panel

Caudon® Semi-Permanent Newt Fence Panel

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Recycled HDPE Plastic
Pack Size
Price (exc. VAT)
£5.07 exc. VAT
Price (inc. VAT)
£6.08 inc. VAT

Quantity Price (exc. VAT) Price (inc. VAT)
50-99 Items £4.86 £5.83
100-249 Items £4.49 £5.39
250-499 Items £4.38 £5.26
500+ Items £4.23 £5.08

Product Description

A fencing system for newts, other amphibians and reptiles. This material is stabilised against ultraviolet (UV) damage for up to 5 years. The material is flexible and can be rolled to form an underlap and overlap to comply with English Nature Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines. This material is suited for sites where there is a medium level risk of human disturbance. For correct installation it should be used in conjunction with wooden stakes and Caudon® Washers. The raw material in this product is sourced from post consumer and post manufacturer sources, and as such offers a high degree of environmental sustainability.